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Spirit Wear

Show your Chesterbrook Spirit with Spirit Wear!

Order online below or use this form to pay by check
RETURNS/EXCHANGE POLICY:   No refunds, only size or item exchanges if item you want to exchange for is in stock.  Contact Allison Massida if you have any questions. 

To Order and pay by check: 
  1.  Print the order form, write the quantity of the the items you want in the boxes
  2.  Add up the total and make a check out to Chesterbrook PTA
  3.  Enclose order form and check in an envelope and send through backpack mail to "SPIRIT WEAR"  

Orders are placed at the end of each month and delivered in approx. 2 weeks.

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Spirit Wear Frisbee
Price: $5.00
Spirit Wear Frisbee


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