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 Congratualtions to this Year's Raffle Winners!

# Item Winner
1 Principal for the Day Brayden Stoll
2 Snow Cones at You Party Shep Sipmeier
3 Lunch at the American Girl Bistro Elle Whitney & Kara Crispin
4 Game Time Emily Sato
5 SCA Pencil Basked Kara Crispin
6 Chinese Crafting Emily Sato
7 Pizza & Strategy Games! Zach Foor
8 "Putty" Science with Ms. King! Sophie Kaintoch
9 Spring Fitness Warriors Gigi Wray
10 Be on the News Show Aimee Abraham & Henry LaTourette
11 Kindergarten- Movie and Ice Cream Emily Kennedy, Mia Winn, Hannah Hunter, & Will Moore
12 1st Grade Beach Fun Megan Shin, Blake Rowan, Mollie Beth Merchak, Finn Hare, Asher Cramer, Emery Resnick, Finn Shannon, & Catherine Burnison 
13 2nd Grade- Dinner and a night at the Movies Victoria Piffaretti, Nicholas Zafiropulos, Daniel Roques, Olivia Kaintoch
14 3rd Grade- We Eat, Wii Party! Maeve Lewis, Gigi Wray, Nathan Tsitsibelis, & Elisabeth Beach
15 4th Grade- Movies and Morning Muffins Camrya Crispin, Stella Ruggiero, Brayden Stoll, Chase Resnick, Graham Stevens, Olivia Ruggiero, Kati Ahuja
16 5th Grade- Breakfast and Cartoons Hailey Buursink, Andrew VonElm, Lara Piffaretti
17 Bowling with the 6th Grade Teachers Jeana Glowaki, Cindy Lui
18 6th Grade- Friday Night Parade at Marine Barracks Washington DC Gabby Oglesby
Kindergarten- Let's Get Fit! Paxton Tran-Luu
1st Grade- Lego  Lovers #1 Winston Family
1st Grade- Lego Lovers #2 Megan Shin
1st Grade- American Girl Lovers Maddy Erlanger
1st Grade- American Girl Lovers #2 Kaintoch Family
2nd Grade- Girls Got Style Kate Lugar
2nd Grade- Under Armour Awesomeness Aiden Kapoor
3rd Grade- Family Fun Night Adam Hartshorn
4th Grade- Sleepover Fun Lea Kung
5th Grade- Summer Fun #1 Will Moore
5th Grade- Summer Fun #2 Sierra Balleisen
Fun Bot Lab - Week of Camp Wilson Burwell
6th Grade- Entertainment Mr. Cox



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